Have a great weekend!


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What a week it has been – so many great things to do and so little time! I have taken some extra-hours from my sleep time lately, but it still feels that I need more hours a day to do all the things I would like to do… Is this feeling familiar to you too? :)

Anyway, it’s Friday and a two days of wonderful weekend are ahead! Jeii! I hope that at least one of these will be sunny…

P.S I updated my About page today – now you can see also my photo there :)


Turquoise and white


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It seems to me that I’m having really blue Mondays lately – it was only last Monday when I did a post in blue tones and last night (again Monday) when I was thinking about the topic of today’s post I came up with the combination of white and turquoise in interiors. So again blue!

I think that white with turquoise is such a lovely duo. Even so lovely that I (OK, actually it was me and my man :) decided to decorate our bathroom in that color scheme. I should get my camera out and snap some photos to share with you. What a good idea for another Blue Monday post in the future! :)

Via (Unfortunately I wasn’t able to track the original source, sorry)

What I love about these three images above is that even the colors used are cold and fresh, the space feels still warm and inviting! I think that these details do the trick: wooden wall and door and carpets on the first photo, old chair with cracking paint and orange flowers on the second and cottage style open shelf on the last image. What do you think? :)

From Hus & Hem, photo Ester Sorri

From Creative Mint

Summer cottage in Gotland, Sweden


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Finally it’s weekend – I’m so happy! :)) And to celebrate that I’d like to share some beautiful photos of a lovely summer cottage I came across! By the way, this summer house belongs to Synnöve Mork, who is an acknowledged Swedish designer.

My favorite is the white sunny living room with framed botanical prints on the wall over the white sofas. The pillows on the sofa are Synnöve’s design. Did you noticed a little cute dog on the sofa? :)

From Lantliv, photos Katarina Grip Höök

Lovely and spacious kitchen cupboards


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Lately I have been quite obsessed with some lovely big shabby kitchen cupboards… I like how they add some coziness to a room. In addition to their charming look these cupboards are also really practical as you can store so much in them. So, a great storage that is also a lovely focal point in kitchen or dining room – would you like to have one in your home? :)

Blue Monday


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Today’s series is dedicated to all of you having a Blue Monday. I hope these nice pictures will brighten up your day! :)


Mint hues in interiors


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It seems that in this spring mint hues are everywhere and of course interiors are no exception. So here is a selection of interiors which have mint hues in their color palette – from muted mint to very bright hues of mint. Enjoy!

I’d like to hear what is your opinion on using mint in interiors … do you like it or not? :)

Inspirational photos with summer feeling


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I love these pictures recently posted on IKEA Livet Hemma blog – lovely colors, great styling and most importantly the fresh summer feeling that is captured on these photos!

As for summer feeling – I don’t have that at the moment because it has rained all day and temperature is below 10°C… Very not-summery. How about weather at your place?

Images from IKEA Livet Hemma 

A colorful Scandinavian home


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Let’s give this new week a colorful start with a happy and bright home in Sweden! The owner of this home has a vintage furniture shop and you can find many vintage accessories also in her own home.

I like the welcoming yellow front door and the yellow bench in the entrance and the splashes of red in the living room. Which are the things that caught your eye on these pictures?

From Marie Claire Maison via creamylife.

A perfect reading nook


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Finally it’s weekend! I have several magazines waiting for reading and since it is little bit rainy outside I plan to spend some relaxing hours reading and drinking tea … I’ll do it on my couch, but if I had more space in my home I would like to have a corner designed specially for reading.

I think that a lot of natural light is essential for the perfect reading nook and a beautiful view from the window would be an extra bonus! Which is your favorite place for the reading?

Have a relaxing weekend!

A beautiful home in Sweden


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Today I’m inspired by a beautiful home in Gotland which I found via IKEA Family Live. In this home modern aesthetics is combined with homely warmth so that the result is light and bright and cozy. Enjoy!The fireplace and lots of pillows make this living room so relaxing …

I like the idea of two-sided work space in the hallway and the headboard made of old wood fits perfectly into this bedroom, don’t you think? :)