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I think we all have seen homes where ladders are used as design elements. Mostly I have seen them in bathrooms, where they are used for hanging towels. Actually there are many other ways how ladders could be used in home décor. I put together a list of 5 wonderful ideas for decorating with ladders. So here we go:

1. In bathroom for hanging towels. It seems to me that this is the most popular way to use ladders in interiors.

From here via Creamylife

2. In living room or in home office to store throws or blankets. Some throws are just so pretty that you may not want to storage them hidden behind the closet doors.

3. In kitchen to hang towels or some textiles used for decorating dining table. Again, if you have some nice kitchen textiles you may want to use them as accent pieces in your kitchen and a ladder is one option for storing them.

From Vosgesparis, home styled for VT Wonen Magalogue

4. In bedroom or in entry for exposing beautiful accessories like your favorite shoes, scarfs, bags … whatever you like!

From Stylizimo blog, photo by Nina Holst

5. In bedroom as a bedside table. Rungs can be used for clip lights, magazines and even for glasses!

What other ideas for using ladders in home decorating you have come across? It would be very interesting to hear!