So here it is – my first blog post!

It took me quite a while to get from the idea of starting my blog to actually doing it. I had some major obstacles to overcome :) First I had some hesitations about my English skills as it is not my native language. But I knew from the start that I want to write in English, because if I do it in my native language (that is Estonian) there will be only approximately 1 million people in the world who understand what I want to say :)

Anyway, I got over this not-perfect-English issue – I don’t have to be perfect in everything I do:) The next thing was the name of my blog. Actually the fact that I didn’t have one in my mind that I liked. And after I found a name I spent a way too much time searching a perfect WordPress theme – I think I tryed over ten different variants before deciding… But here it is – my first post and I think that I have chosen a very perfect day for it – Friday the 13th! I’m sure it will bring me good luck! :)

I hope you will enjoy my affaire with interiors as much as I do …